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Photo Restoration

I recently restored two old dilapidated photographs for my parents. The first picture is my grandfather on my father’s side and the second set is of my Gma on my mother’s side. The first set took about between 4-5 hours to finish, mainly because of the amount of cracks in the picture. On both sets I re-drew the eyes using a soft rounded brush. With the picture of my grandma I gave her shoulders to get her out of the oval shape the picture was in. I think they came out ok.


So as we all know MMS and SMS can be expensive if we don’t have a message plan. That’s why using gateways is awesome. For example if you want to txt someone on the AT&T Wireless Network but don’t wanna use your limited txt msgs and you’re sitting in front of a computer you could use this to send them a “txt”. You could send a MMS email as well using just attach your picture or 3gp video in the email. The person receiving your messages on their cell phone can reply directly from that message to your email. Once again this is a good alternative if you’re sitting in front of a computer. For a list of sms and mms gateways click here.